Friday, July 09, 2004

Sports: Le Tour Month and Lance on Teamwork

The event I wait all year for is underway. I first started watching the Tour de France when I was in Seattle in 94. Darrell introduced me to it. I became a full fledged fan in 99, the year that Lance won his first one. I was so pumped that an Austinite whom I had seen face to face won. We had a huge victory parade for him in 99. I was so proud for him and for our city.
A big reason I admire Lance is becuase he knows he can only win with the support of his team. Two days ago he won the Team Time Trial much to his delight. Here is a quote from cyclingnews:
"Ever since I was a Junior, the TTT was the event I did. It's always been my favourite event because it's a team event. My first (major) experience in cycling was the (1989) Jr. World Championships TTT in Moscow. At the time, it was an amazing event for me...very hard, but also an event that was very special. If you put together the four strongest guys in the world, they don't always win. And that, to me, is something special. You could put together four guys who are less strong, but if they work well together, they took the proper pulls, they did much better. And that always struck me as something unique in cycling."