Thursday, May 26, 2005

Art: HRC Spring Exhibitions

I have not spent much time at the UT Harry Ransom Center. It has an amazing archive for scholars and has interesting exhibitions. I saw three today:
Place: Photographs of Environment and Community
A succinct and well curated exhibit of photos. "Operating between pure portraiture and pure landscape, these photographers' imaginative responses to their subjects could be called "cultural landscapes" or "environmental portraits." Many of my photos could fit into this category.
"In Flight": The Guild of Book Workers Presents Wright Brothers Exhibition
I took a book binding class many years ago and it really made me appreciate the incredible art and craft of the books created for this exhibit.
Images of the World: Maps, Globes and Atlases & The Muse in Motion: Travel Literature through the Centuries
By the time I got to these last two exhibits, I was tired and skimmed through most of it. I will need to go back and see them again.