Sunday, February 05, 2006

Art: Hiroshi Sugimoto

An exhibit of Hiroshi Sugimoto - History of History - at the Japan Society, NYC.
A gem of a paragraph about art and artists from the exhibition catalog written by Sugimoto:
"Ever since the age of cave painting, humans have wanted a unified vision with which to see the chaos of this world of ours. It has been largely those people known as artists who have filled such a role - and they still hold this function today. No matter how brilliantly religion and science might explain and persuade, shadowy areas will always remain. Scooping up shimmering particles with which to fashion decoding devices that afford us a look around in the gloom, the handiwork of these people of vision is now known as art."

From the Japan Society website:
This exhibition juxtaposes Sugimoto's exquisitely minimalist works, selected from the photographer's past and most recent series, with fossils, artworks and religious artifacts ranging from prehistoric to the 15th century, all drawn from his own collection. The result is an extended exploration of time, life and spirituality as perceived in the contexts of nature and history. The exhibition, Sugimoto writes, addresses "recorded history, unrecorded history, and still another history--that which is yet to be depicted… like parts waiting to be assembled in a do-it-yourself kit."