Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Music: 4 New CDs

Back from NYC and needed my Waterloo fix. Bonanza! 4 CDs. Add to that a bunch of tunes I will scope out on the SXSW site. Bummer that I misseed it this year.
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm: Full lenght release by these punk-funk Brits after a super EP last year. Guud shtuff.
M.I.A. - Arular: Lots of hype for this Sri-Lankan artist. A very infectious mix of dancehall and hip-hop. A bit of a stretch for me since I have very little hip-hop in my collection.
Ada - Blondie: Indie electronica (tech-house). Good melodies and vibe unlike most electronica releases.
Thunderbirds Are Now - Justamoustache: Spazzy post-punk. Some of the songs are catchy. Not sure if I will hang on to this one.