Monday, August 22, 2005

Deep Eddy Mile - Team Cloverleaf results

I swam about 30 seconds slower this year - just never got into a good rhythm. I was in the first heat - too early on a Saturday morning. I proudly wore my Team Cloverleaf t-shirt. Jace wrote a hilarious email to sum up the results:

Greetings Team Cloverleaf Comrades!
As expected, Team Cloverleaf crushed the competition in the 2005 Deep
Eddy Mile.
Here are the official results of all TC members in the Marine Amphibious Assault Division:
Jace Graf 22:301.55
Clint Bledsoe 23:29.99 (1st in age group)
Reza Shirazi 24:39.67 (2nd in age group)
Christina de los Santos 24:09.66 (2nd in age group)
Pam LeBlanc* 25:10.07 (1st in age group)
(*New member, pending blood & urine test results.)
As you no doubt noticed on Saturday, there was naturally a great deal of interest in Team Cloverleaf. Many of us were asked to explain our affiliations to the mysterious TC, and how we earned the right to wear such a stylish uniform. In order to maintain our clandestine activities, the Internal Security Committee of the Executive Board recommends that any public discussion of TC be limited to the following statement:
"Team Cloverleaf is a shadowy organization of ancient and controversial origins, comprised of an undetermined number of unidentified individuals who are in league for unspecified, though possibly nefarious, purposes, which allegedly include regular assemblies for
cultic ritual."
And to further insure the ultimate success of our grand mission, the ISC/EC furthermore recommends that all members adopt a code name when discussing TC affairs with other members in public. Therefore, henceforth all female TC members will be known by the code name "Scooter"; all males will be known as "Sparky." You will be notified via the usual encrypted channels of our next rendezvous, at which time we will work on the secret handshake.
Congratulations valiant TC brothers and sisters! All glory and honor to The Team!!!
Jace Graf