Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Art: Postcards From Cutting Edges of Downtown's Art Scene

Good article from the NY Times - Postcards From Cutting Edges of Downtown's Art Scene. I like the description of the type of art critic Kim Levin is:
"For many years, Ms. Levin wrote the brief capsule reviews for the Choices section of the Voice, and she was a master of that short form. She rarely wrote negatively, and she freely dispensed stars to shows she deemed of particular interest. She was not a militant anti-elitist, but her impulse was to share rather than to exclude; you feel that openness and wide-ranging curiosity in the Feldman exhibition.
The hoarding of ephemera may seem compulsive or maniacal, but there is a sense of fun and love in it, too. Every day can be a treasure hunt for the New York art critic, professional and amateur alike. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open, like the exemplary Ms. Levin."