Monday, September 26, 2005

Music: ACL Fest Day 2 (9/24)

Built to Spill - 2:30 in the afternoon and the crowd was thin, but BTS played an incredible show. Most of the songs were from the last two albums. In addition to Doug Martsch on guitar, there were two other guitarists. Tight, shredding solos. BTS is a solid indie rock bet - under the guitar heavy shambling are great melodies and a tight rhythm section.

What Made Milwaukee Famous - A last minute addition to the festival after another band did not make it. What luck for local Austinites - WMMF. I have been following them for over a year and really enjoy the unique pop-rock of their self-relased cd - Trying to Never Catch Up. This is their big break (I hope). The opened for Arcade Fire on Friday at the Stubbs aftershow. They split the bill on a taping for the ACL TV show with Franz Ferdinand (!) on Saturday. They played a good show - nervous but they were enjoying themselves.

Bloc Party - Highly anticipated show. What a stylish crew! And Kele Okereke is such a charismatic lead. He made up for a not so tight show - the crowd loved him. They got better towards the end. Does their music not translate that well live or were they just not warmed up?

(Photo from ACL Website)