Thursday, September 29, 2005

Poetry: Reading list

Just got through reading:
CK Williams - Repair (Excellent. Almost every poem has to do with repair - emotional, mental, physical)
Poetry Magazine - Sept issue (The first three poems were by CK Williams, so I picked it up. Read a great essay in it too. Convinced me to subscribe. Quality poetry.)
Just started:
Vijay Seshadri - The Long Meadows (He wrote the poem in the New Yorker 9/11 issue and I have been meaning to read more of his work. Enjoying it so far.)
On the shelf:
Jeet Thayil - English (I think I saw an excellent interview Thayil did of Seshadri and so thought I would get his book.)
Vandana Khanna - Train to Agra (Not sure how I found this one, but wanted to read an Indian American poet won a first book prize. Get a sense for where I can possibly find a niche for getting my work published.)
Charles Wright - Black Zodiac (I remember reading a poem by Wright in Pushcart Prize in the mid-nineties and being blown away by how long, full and rich it was. Inspired me to write my Lawrence to NYC poem. Saw this book in Davis and picked it up.)
Aimee Nezhukumatathil - Miracle Fruit (Recently submitted to Tupelo Press and saw this book on their website. I was smitten by her poems - sensual, physical. Can't wait to read more.)